Insolvency administrator

Automated provision of information for
Contestation and claims tables

With the AI-based Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform of inserve, insolvency administrators improve the data situation of their mandates and thus the possibility of restructuring insolvent companies.

 your challenges

Clients' financial accounting is often incomplete, not kept up to date or incomplete. As a result, bank, cash and accounting files unfortunately have to be looked through manually far too often, and receipts and payments have to be entered manually in tables in order to narrow down the crisis period and to document the facts of avoidance. Incoming claims from creditors have to be manually allocated, recorded and checked for table management.

Even if the documents are already available digitally in DMS, searching for keywords is often tedious. Employees who are already under a lot of strain are therefore additionally burdened with the examination of avoidance proceedings and the keeping of tables. Reducing the effort and improving the data situation is therefore an inherent interest of many insolvency administrators.

Our solution:

inserve IDP platform + flexible service options

A key success factor is the consistent abandonment of manual rule sets and searches. Instead, rely on artificial intelligence.ith training instead of programming, unbeatably high recognition rates can be achieved quickly, adaptively and cost-efficiently.

Our IDP platform also integrates seamlessly with your systems. This means that document inventories and receipts can be automatically, quickly and easily captured in terms of content, better retrieved, relevant information extracted and assigned to clients, vendors and transactions in a targeted manner. More information

Use for mass increase and contestation

Separation, classification, linking of orders, invoices, dunning notices, bank statements (among others) and extraction of relevant information:

Use for receivables table

Extraction of relevant information from incoming creditor claims:

We enable you to use our IDP platform via flexible service options - Full Service, Managed Service or Software as a Service - depending on your situation and your needs. You also have the choice of operating form: in your system landscape via private to public cloud - we will be happy to work out the advantages of each variant with you. More information

Your benefit

Increase of the usable mass


Improved legal certainty of the documentation


Faster and easier data access

Relief and focus on core tasks

Use cases

Preparation of the mass increase

  • Digitisation and structuring of the document stock
  • Cleansing, structuring and classification of documents
  • Extraction of relevant document and transaction information in structured form
  • Early identification of gaps and anomalies
  • Analysis of the quantities and temporal distribution of documents

Support for the limitation of insolvency

  • Determination of relevant indications (e.g. development of payment behaviour and volume of reminders)
  • Provision of appropriate analyses
  • Derivation of the time of insolvency

Support in the determination of rescission claims

  • Determination of relevant documents (prerequisites for the facts)
  • Grouping according to operations, sorting according to time periods
  • Summary to court-proof files per creditor
  • Filtering/grouping according to requirements of §§ 129 ff. InsO
  • Increase in mass with reduction in personnel costs

Support of the table leadership

  • Automated extraction of creditor and claim data
  • Structured provision for the receivables table
  • Automated comparison with receipts and documents

Support for the letters of challenge

  • Automatic provision of the grounds for contestation
  • Automatic generation of request letters

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