Cartels and damages

Higher data quality and more substantiated claims
in antitrust and damages proceedings

With inserve's AI-based Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform and our services, law firms, expert witnesses and litigation funders improve the data basis and documentation of their clients' submissions - in antitrust proceedings as well as in all types of damages and mass proceedings.

In particular, complex and large volumes of documents are evaluated in a targeted manner and converted into a form suitable for court. This not only reduces workload and costs, but also increases the chances of success of the lawsuit or defense.

 your challenges

In many legal proceedings that require a mass evaluation of (possibly) damage-related documents, manual document processing is still used. This is often still initially seen as the simpler and more cost-effective solution.

Challenges for clients

  • Selection of relevant documents from an extensive document pool
  • Digitization of documents in sufficient quality

Challenges for process financiers

  • Early assessment of transaction or loss volumes
  • Transparency and minimisation of procedural costs

Challenges for law firm and appraiser

  • Avoiding the use of highly qualified employees for routine tasks
  • Maintaining an overview of documents and data
  • Ensuring the completeness and quality of transaction data
  • Avoidance of deadline pressure and adherence to deadlines
  • Minimization of the attack surfaces for court and opposite side

In addition, the parties involved must come together at an early stage, coordinate their interaction and ensure transparency about the progress of the procedure.

Our solution:

inserve IDP Platform + Full Service

An essential success factor for damage substantiation is the consistent evaluation and data processing of all relevant documents (invoice, orders, delivery notes, bank statements, etc.). With the help of artificial intelligence, this is realized quickly and easily: through training instead of programming.

From unstructured masses of document batches, structured, validated information with links to the locations in separated and classified individual documents is thus created through automatic and trained pattern recognition - documented in such a way that the process is traceable:

A step-by-step procedure, standardized on the basis of our many years of experience and at the same time adaptable to the data/document situation and the division of tasks between the parties involved, ensures rapid and high-quality results. Effort and benefit can be adjusted as required:

Beyond pure intelligent structuring and information extraction, we offer all the necessary services as part of our full service: this includes, among other things, the organisation of document logistics, digitisation (scanning) and/or the provision of data portals, extensive validation (e.g. commercial consistency, whitelists, ...) and quality assurance up to 100% coverage, special analyses of the data as well as the generation of claim attachments.
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And of course we support the project organisation, regularly coordinate with clients, law firm, appraiser and process financier as agreed and report on the processing progress.

Your benefit


Efficient and fast cooperation between the parties involved

Support of client acquisition and simplification of data acquisition


Ensuring that documents/data are complete, up-to-date and consistent

Early assessment of costs, damage amounts and prospects of success


Continuous transparency about the respective process status

Focus on legal and expert core tasks

Use cases

Quick check & proof of concept

  • Early and rapid review of document inventories
  • Definition of basic structures (document types, data model, validations)
  • Initial assessment of quantity structures and transaction volumes
  • Proof of feasibility and calculation of the costs of implementation

Structuring of complex document sets

  • Support for clients in structuring their document inventories
  • Reduction to relevant documents and identification of gaps
  • Avoidance of unnecessary effort in subsequent processing

Assertion of claims for damages

  • Creation of the data basis in cartel, damage compensation and mass proceedings
  • Processing of available documents and supplementation of additional information sources
  • Examples: Logs, trucking, sugar, drug store, shipping - Life insurance - Construction law (supplemental bids).

Analysis of suspicious patterns

  • Recognition of anomalies and correlations in market / price developments (time histories)
  • Analysis of offers in the context of (public) tenders to identify agreements

defence of claims for damages

  • Verification of consistency, completeness and redundancy of submitted damage reports

These are the experiences of our customers:

"A clean and early preparation of the documents substantiating the damage is of essential importance in antitrust proceedings. If the necessary attention is not paid to this from the beginning, one suffers afterwards from high expenses under sometimes strong time pressure. In our experience, inserve GmbH is a strong, reliable and efficient partner when it comes to the preparation of such damage facts. inserve delivers high-quality, cost-effective and timely results from data analysis."

Dr. Christian Classen

Legal Counsel, CDC Cartel Damage Claims

"In the context of a mass evaluation of data, we were able to benefit considerably from inserve's artificial intelligence. The information we needed was processed within a very short time and provided with very good quality. After a brief clarification of the project brief, inserve's team proactively provided suggestions for any difficulties that may have arisen due to the quality of the database. After just 12 working days we received back the complete analysis of over 10,000 transactions from over 40,000 documents. We are very pleased with the results and would use inserve's service again and again."

Tanja Seißer

Head of Finance & Controlling, HANSA-HEEMANN AG

"Against the background of a claim for damages under cartel law, we also made use of inserve's services in the context of data preparation. Here, inserve was able to analyse more than 34 million transactions with the help of its AI-based software within only 2 weeks and create a reference to the approx. 10,000 documents provided. In addition, inserve was able to use its tools to perform a layout-based sort of the 10,000 documents and extract the relevant data into a list on a selected set of documents while blacking out the data fields on the document. This has given us and our client a significant time and cost advantage over manual processing. We are convinced of the competence of the inserve team and would use their services again at any time."

Prof. Dr Ulrich Schnelle LL.M.

Lawyer, Haver & Mailänder Attorneys at Law

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