AI for scanning service providers

Create added value

Deliver data instead of just documents

Higher productivity and faster project turnaround
through the use of AI at scanning service providers

With the AI-based inserve Intelligent Document Processing Platform (IDP) , scanning and digitization service providers accelerate and automate their processes. In this way, they reduce unit costs and create new added value and services.

How you benefit from AI as a scanning service provider!

Reduction of expenses and personnel costs

Faster processing

Reduced implementation effort for customer projects

New added value for your customers (structuring and subject data extraction)

Your challenges
High manual effort

Scanning and digitization service providers transform physical and electronic documents into structured information. They are reliable partners for their customers in their transformation to data-driven companies. 

In many customer situations, however, manual efforts in operations are higher than necessary: New projects require a lot of programming, and ongoing production often involves extensive manual preparation before actual scanning. The required automation is often too high with existing tools - or not possible at all. This also makes it difficult to provide additional new added value and services.

Our solution:
inserve IDP platform

The key to automation lies in the use of learning systems instead of extensive sets of rules:

By training instead of programming with the help of AI, unbeatably high recognition rates can be achieved - and they can be achieved quickly, adaptively and cost-effectively. Manual steps that previously took place before digitization can be automated and moved behind the scanning process with the help of our IDP platform. More information about our IDP platform.

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You want to process the information from various documents and files quickly, efficiently and automatically? We will show you how our ki-based platform can be used to process and analyze even documents with little structure and complex technical requirements in a time-saving manner.

AI use cases for scanning service providers

File digitization

  • Separation, classification, indexing and data extraction from scanned files
  • Adaptable to individual requirements, e.g. personnel files, credit files, construction files, claim files, law firm files, patient files

Inbox processing

  • Document separation of incoming shipments and batches
  • Classification of document types and document types, especially in complex inboxes
  • Extraction of customer-specific specialized data

Invoice Receipt Processing

  • Invoice identification
  • Recognition of header and footer data of the invoices
  • Position data extraction
  • Logical validation of the invoice contents

Document analysis

  • Automatic structuring of large document volumes based on visual and textual features (clustering)

Flexible service and operating options

Full Service

Managed service

Software as a Service

On Premise

Private & Public Cloud

We will be happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option with you in detail and find the solution that suits you best. Receive more information about our services or contact us directly.

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