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inserve GmbH, founded in 2015 by IT entrepreneur Arvin Arora and lawyer Jörg Offenhausen, is a legal tech company based in Hanover, Germany, which specializes in the evaluation and structuring of information in documents. With our team of data scientists and software developers, we have developed a platform that can be used to quickly and precisely analyze and structure heterogeneous document inventories of any size and to extract the required information in great detail. We use technologies from the field of Machine Learning.

In the area of law firm management, we optimize the processing of large case volumes by automating individual process steps. This can involve the creation of files or the storage of incoming documents in the firm management system (Legal Input Management). With this solution we are successful in various fields of law. Initially, we specialized in the areas of antitrust damages and insolvency proceedings. In the area of antitrust law, we handle data for the preparation of transaction lists for experts and lawyers. For insolvency administrators, we can automate the compilation and evaluation of creditor and rescission files.

corporate values



We respect others for their skills and experience as individuals and team members.


top performance

We help our customers to work more efficiently. This requires constant awareness and commitment.



We strive to be the best. For us, this means showing commitment, learning from mistakes and never giving up.



We share ideas, knowledge and experience. We master challenges with courage, honesty and trust. 


team spirit

Our success depends on our collective energy, intelligence and the contribution of all our team members.

About the Management

Arvin Arora

 Arvin Arora, Managing Director

Arvin Arora has gained extensive experience as a partner and managing director in the environment of various markets and technologies within the framework of the successful establishment of two IT companies with a focus on software and services.

In the management role he managed a range of 10-150 employees in total and 5-11 direct lines and was responsible for approx. 400 projects (approx. 40 million EUR turnover) over the entire period. In operational terms, he has supported several key accounts, each with a turnover of approx. 1-3 million EUR, for many years and has carried out approx. 40 projects (as project manager/product owner). The management of IT projects and IT services for the successful realization of products and services in all facets is his specialist area. His expertise includes above all the integration of the employee/project level with the company view from both short and long term perspectives.


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