AI in Industry & Logistics

Accelerate processes with AI

Less effort, more speed and information
through AI in industry & logistics

Why should you use AI in industry and logistics? Why rethink processes digitally? With the inserve Intelligent Document Processing Platform (IDP) you digitize and accelerate your processes and generate valuable information. This allows you to deploy your skilled workforce to more important tasks, automate the processing of operations more, and gain more insights and foresight. Profit from the use of AI in industry and logistics!

Profiting from AI in industry and logistics

Reduction of effort and relief of employees

Faster processing and use


Continuous adaptation to changing business partners and layouts

Rapid rollout and fast return on investment

Greater depth of information and extended analysis options

Your challenges
Large volumes of documents

Speed and quality are essential for customer satisfaction in industry. Information is a critical success factor for fast and high-quality processes. In many cases, this information is still available in analog and digital documents that are manually captured and processed by employees.

Different input channels (letter, email) and document types(orders, delivery bills, invoices, customs documents, travel expense receipts, etc.) from various senders create a high level of complexity. Projects to digitize document-based processes often fail because of the return on investment or a lack of capacity for implementation.

Our solution:
inserve IDP platform

The key to automation lies in the use of learning systems instead of extensive sets of rules:

By training instead of programming with the help of AI, unbeatable high recognition rates can be achieved - and this in a fast, adaptable and cost-efficient way. Our IDP platform integrates with your systems (ERP, DMS, ...) and workflows, enabling higher levels of automation and extraction of richer information. More information about our IDP platform

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You want to process the information from various documents and files quickly, efficiently and automatically? We will show you how our ki-based platform can be used to process and analyze even documents with little structure and complex technical requirements in a time-saving manner.

Use cases for AI in industry & logistics

Processing of logistical documents

  • Recognition of invoices, transport orders, waybills, delivery bills, customs documents
  • Recognition of Country of origin and language
  • Separation of different document types and attachments
  • Extraction of head, foot and position information
  • Transfer of the extracted data to your downstream systems

Processing of commercial documents

  • Recognition of orders, invoices, credit notes, etc.
  • Separation of different document types and attachments
  • Extraction of head, foot and position information
  • Transfer of the extracted data to your downstream systems

Forecasting and process automation

  • Forecast order volumes, picking loads, delivery times, etc.
  • Automation of e.g. account assignment or master data maintenance
  • Separation of conspicuous documents and transactions

Object detection

  • Recognition of logos, labels, stickers, barcodes, etc.

Flexible service and operational options for AI in industry & logistics

Full Service

Managed service

Software as a Service

On Premise

Private & Public Cloud

We will be happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option with you in detail and find the solution that suits you best. Receive more information about our services or contact us directly.

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have

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